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WTF is going on???

Why are random people responding to my LJ postings including people WITHOUT LJ accounts, but rather facebook accounts?????
In an effort to eat better and have more mid-morning energy, I have decided to take up smoothie-ing. LOL I bought a big batch of peaches a few weeks ago when they were in season, and blanched, peeled, chopped and froze them in single serve size baggies. I also stocked up on rasperries and strawberries, but I should have done it a couple of months ago when they were fresh, local and in season, instead of the US stuff I was forced to buy. Anyhow, my deep freezer is full of chopped up frozen fruit, waiting to be smoothied.

I also got protien powder. That stuff is so hit and miss. I'm not a huge fan, but protein DOES give me scads of energy. Too bad about the taste. I just use a third of a scoop. 8g of protein instead of 24g. Who needs 24g in one sitting anyhow? LOL

Yesterday I tried a bunch of fruits with milk and yogurt and powder, and it was okay. I did manage to drink the whole thing. I have to-go cups for taking them to work and sip on them all morning. It really does keep me going.

Three-bags of chocolate milk was on sale for $3.99 so I bought it spur of the moment. I just threw frozen strawberries in with chocolate milk and protein powder, and it's REALLY good. Like a bon bon. A chocolate strawberry bon bon. Mmmm.


Work was kind of exhausting today. It was a fat full moon, and you could totally tell because everyone seemed to be ultra sensitive. I work with one guy who has been there 20+ years. He's constantly reminding people of it, and one of his... uh... quirks, is that he needs his ego stroked all the time and to be reminded what a good technician he is. In the past, I have remarked on how smart someone else might be or even just complimented another technician in passing, and this guy FLIPS out and takes it as a personal affront. It's tiring. I accidentally complimented someone else today, and he flipped before I realized what I'd done. I zipped my lip as quick as I could but it was too late. He was ranting on and I just sat their quietly, changing my facebook status line to "Holy fat full moon and hot tempers. Get me out of here". Ugh.


Speaking of zipping my lip and just sitting quietly after being bullied, Am, Joy and I went to the Toby Keith concert in Toronto last night. It had the potential to be SO MUCH freakin' fun... we all love him and his music so much. But after the second song, when I was standing up freaking out and singing and dancing at my seat, lost in the music, the people behind me freaked out in that fat-full moon way and started screaming at me to sit down. I tried to be friendly and said jovially, "It's a Toby Keith concert! C'mon stand up and dance with me!" and that fell on icy stares. It was a nightmare. Am *hates* confrontation and she told me later they seemed so hostile she thought they might get violent.

I'm not easily bullied, but I sat down and shut up and didn't move for the rest of the night. It was creepy. Joy, who is *always* all up in your face and in your business didn't say a word either.

What a miserable night. It was SO much traffic and so many delays getting there, all to be screamed at by some hostile full mooner loonies and have the whole evening wrecked. I didn't get home until one and couldn't sleep until after two, and I was dead tired this morning. Didn't even have the energy to make a smoothie to get me through the day. Ended up falling asleep in my car for a full hour on my lunch. Dead asleep. Creases on my cheeks asleep. For real.


Well, a good thing (sort of) that came out of today was we had to fill out a survey on workplace harassment and violence. I was talking about it to Kenny when our boss came in. It was kind of good to be able to say out loud to him what I think... the guys I work with REALLY and TRULY believe that men get their frustrations out physically, and that it's perfectly acceptable to kick or throw a cube wall at work, so long as you feel better afterwards. Seriously. That is what my boss said. I told him it was inappropriate in the workplace and fostered a climate of incivility. He told me that climate wasn't 'fostered' but rather management was 'indifferent' to it. I was about to tell him what I thought of that when he got called away. I wound up emailing him this:

Regarding the tail end of that conversation we were having this morning... I don't know if you ever scroll down far enough to read my signature line that has been at the end of every email I have sent for ten years. :) Here:

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

Fostering incivility and being indifferent to incivility are one and the same thing. To be more dramatic, putting Jews on cattle cars and watching Jews being put on cattle cars still results in a holocaust.

Okay. I'm done being dramatic for the time being. :)


During that conversation (before he left), I also told him "Fuck You" (for effect) and said, "Here I am telling my boss to fuck off, and what are you going to do about it? Write me up? No, because it's perfectly acceptable in our work environment and has been for years. This type of shit does not go on in my sister's workplace, which, incidentally, is half men. Men who don't feel the need to throw cube walls."

I know it accomplishes jack shit, but it feels good to say it out loud. Speaking truth to power, as they say. It really does.


I am soooooooooo freaking glad it's the weekend!!!

Grateful for:
-- harvest time! Harold is harvesting the soybeans as I type this!
-- fresh farm air
-- weekend
-- opportunity to tell my boss about the disrespectful work environment
-- naps


Catch up

HOLY crap, I forgot to blog! LOL It's been several weeks, and lots has been going on, I just haven't seemed to get around to LiveJournalling. Ahem. The fact that it's blocked at work is a real PITA. It's blocked at the top level, along with my personal domain, which I find rather hilarious. As technicians, we have a bypass to get past most of the net-nannied stuff, but some stuff is blocked by name at the top level, and for some oddball reason, LiveJournal is one of them.


Not to mention it was crazy busy at work the last couple of weeks. But more on that later.


I had a great couple of weeks. I threw a party last weekend and invited everyone I knew. And they all showed up! LOL Seriously, there must have been about 25 people here that night. Big bonfire including my new IRL friend (former cyberfriend LOL) eleryth, plus her hilarious husband, along with elizard100 as well as my whole family (Mom, Am, Dad and Rick) plus Joy and her kids, Pottsie Verne, Jim; Pam and Mike and their kids, Cherilyn and Bob, Doris and Paul... holy crap, I'm forgetting people, but you get the picture.

It was an absolute blast. I got to try real life 'Smores for the first time, and it was delicious. As usual, I overshopped, and we had TONS of food left over including several sleeves of graham crackers, several Hershey bars and bags of marshmallows. Stuff like that does NOT last long in my house, though. Ahem.

It suddenly started pouring rain around 10 pm, so the party ended kinda quickly, but the overnighters came in and we watched Planet Earth and just enjoyed the country fresh air. It was so nice to have company!!


Work last week was kind of funny... I am now responsible for 14 schools and they are located as close to me as is possible, based on my new home. It's nice. Half an hour to most of them, so I don't have to go to Ancaster first... just straight to the schools. I have a new secondary school, and I'd been warned about what a douchebag the teacher that I'd be dealing with was. Everyone told me he was an arrogant prick. I finally met him and ... I SWOONED. Of course I did. Arrogant pricks are my specialty! LOL Anyhow, we've been getting along great, and I don't know what all the complaints were about. Ha! It's only been two weeks, I'm sure I will find out soon enough!


I just blanched, peeled and froze in individual serving bags, a big basket of farm-fresh peaches I bought last week. I am going to try and eat better (my eating has gone to the dogs) and eat smoothies. I love smoothies. Fruit and I are hit-and-miss, and I've been having MAJOR stomach issues lately (I think I need to get off that drug I'm on), as I've been having my horrorshow stomachaches about once a month lately, but now they've been resulting in projectile vomiting. Lovely. So I'm scared to eat so many things. Ugh. This is no way to live.


Eli is sick again. On prednisone. It's been two weeks of two pills a day, and he's been taking it, but still gagging and sneezing. Poor thing. I think it might just be a change-of-season thing, because my breathing has gone to shit, too, and I've used my puffers and meds SO much the last few weeks, it's frightening. I think it must be seasonal for both of us.


I think I'm going to the Colbert/Stewart march on Washington DC at the end of October!! Misha invited me, and I usually go to her most awesome Hallowe'en party, but it might be cancelled this year due to her grad studies. But a march and a chance to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ALWAYS appeals, never mind getting to see Misha again. I love her.

Okay. Time to wind down. Nighty night.

Grateful for:
-- peaches
-- electric blanket
-- nice walk down by the river
-- good couple of weeks
-- lazy day, laundry done, dried on the line!


Foot stool!

Here is my latest craft project. I bought this filthy, dirty, stained thing at a yard sale for $5 a couple of weeks ago:

foot stool

I just recovered it, using fabric I had laying around the house... I made the piping from $1.15 worth of cording and some regifted scrap brown fabric:

foot stool

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It looks like I drilled the one foot on a little wonky, I will have to fix that. I also knew NOTHING about piping, so I just faked it, and it looks pretty good. I think kusanivy explained the concept to me at the Star Trek convention one year, and I've been dying to try it since. Anyhow, the other side of the stool shows where I connected the ends, and it's pretty bad, but I don't even care. I'm just so happy it doesn't look like it did when I bought it! LOL It's also a bit baggy... I should have stuffed it more.

I wanted to put it in the living room where it matches with most of the furniture, but right now it's in the bedroom so Eli can get onto the bed in two stages instead of one big leap. He's getting older and can't jump up like he used to. It breaks my heart.


Speaking of crafting and costuming... eleryth is coming to my bonfire! Double yay! So if you know her, come too! LOL I have such a wacky cross section of friends, I never know who knows who.

OH! And if you want to spend the day out here, that day is the Lincoln County Fair. How hokey, yet fun, does that sound??

Tonight my sister has a gig, so I'm going to Hamilton and spending the night at my mom's. I hate driving in the country at night. I think I ran over about four frogs the other night... they are EVERYWHERE. It's like that scene in Magnolia.


Grateful for:
-- being blissfully busy at work
-- COOL weather!!!
-- getting that piping to look halfway decent.

Almost Zepptember, soon to be Rocktober!

I am grinning from ear to ear. I cannot wipe the stupid grin off my face.

Doris and I went to see "Rock of Ages" today in Toronto -- a Broadway musical featuring ALL 80s metal tunes, and I nearly wet myself. That was, hands down, the best freakin' show I've ever seen in my life. I love that music so much it hurts. It was such a good show. The understudy did the female lead, and she was a bit less than spectacular, but Yvan Pedneault, the French Canadian male lead was FREAKIN' amazing. I'm just in awe.

Traffic was beyond bad. It took me an hour to get to Burlington where I was to meet up with Doris, then TWO FULL hours on the QEW to Toronto. We were almost late. We parked in the last spot in the lot next door to the Princess Alexandra theatre ($20 for the convenience) and walked in right as the lights dimmed.

The drive home was worse. An absolute crawl. I guess between the CNE and FanExpo being in town, never mind just run-of-the-mill summer Toronto tourist traffic, it was crazy. I got home at 7:30. I sang like a 80s-crazed lunatic the whole way home.

Still. It was 100% worth the price of gas and the exorbitant parking rates. I can't stop singing Journey. Big surprise.


I am having another bonfire on Sept. 11th! If you want to come and aren't on my facebook (*cough*Erica*cough*) feel free to email me for details!! I'm leaving it wide open and loosey goosey. Paloma, no excuses, you have plenty of time to get your butt down here. Ahem. I mean up here. Wait, down. You're a Northerner!)


Doris and I have decided to go to Manitoulin Island next weekend just overnight. I've always wanted to go, and it's the tail end of my vacation. I need to go *somewhere*. This going nowhere got me down. LOL I'm really looking forward to that!!!

Grateful for:
-- the best damned musical EVER
-- Doris' great company
-- Toronto street vendor veggie dog
-- great day
-- upcoming bonfire!


Cheesy biscuits

I did a quick cross-border run last weekend to pick up some groceries. I moved closer to the Peace Bridge than to the Queenston-Lewiston bridge, so my new American grocery store is in Buffalo proper, in a ghetto of sorts. Maybe I should say 'inner city'. The one I used to go to was out in suburban big-box-store-land, and practically every plate in the lot was Ontario.

Anyhow, I shouldn't go shopping on an empty stomach, because I bought all kinds of stuff I would normally never buy (oh, America and your love affair with frankenfood!). Stuff like BISQUICK. Ahem.

That being said, I made cheesy biscuits last week and they were delightful. My old boss came and sat with me at my desk at one point this week, and we ate them and chit chatted for hours.

BTW, that was a somewhat hysterical conversation -- he's going through a bit of a midlife crisis, and I hate my job beyond words, and we were commiserating. I said if I was still there in five years to PLEASE club me over the head and put me out of my misery. He told me, "We can do it together... you take the pill, then shoot me." I never laughed so hard in my life. I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. I told him I didn't want murder on my conscience, so he could take the cyanide pill, then shoot me. I'd be cool with that. He said that would be fine. LOL!!!

Okay, back to biscuits. Yum. I have more in the oven as we speak.

I've been using my oven a lot lately. Mom was over on Wednesday, and I served up ribs for her, the kind you just bake for half an hour. She's so cute... she loves them. She's like a little kid with candy. I bought a bunch of packs of it... you know, now that I have a deep freezer and all.


I am going to see the musical "Rock of Ages" tomorrow with Doris. I'm *so* excited. She won free tickets and asked me in such a trepidatious way (is that a word?) that she thought NO ONE would want to see such a thing. Little does she know Arena Rock is such a huge part of my life, I have a frickin' LJ tag for it. I can't wait.


This is the last long weekend of my summer. Oh wait... the one after that is Labour Day, so it's long too. But I'm out of vacation days, and in September, I get three more weeks, as it's the new school year. I can't wait for fall. It's my favourite season. I love sweaters and socks.

Grateful for:
-- Elaine at work being okay, despite me giving her unnecessary Heimlich and her having to go with the paramedics in the ambulance!
-- gorgeous clouds
-- musical with Doris tomorrow
-- cheesy biscuits
-- lazy Friday


Super Exciting!

Last year, my sister told me about something called Hamilton FreeSkool -- a grassroots organization looking for people to teach and/or facilitate a topic they were passionate about. At the time I wasn't sure what I should do, but I knew the whole idea was right up my alley. Sometimes I think I was a born teacher, or evangelist, or something in between. LOL! I'm downright evangelical about the things I love.

So get this. It hit me a few days ago.


I am going to be teaching workshops on QUILTING!

I emailed them and they emailed me back. They want to meet to discuss what I need and times and spaces and stuff like that. Also promotion. I'm SUPER excited! It's a hippy organization, so it's right up my alley. I think everyone can quilt, no matter what -- especially to reuse sentimental fabrics, clothing, etc. and make even things like tote bags or throws.

I absolutely cannot stand how most quilting guilds or shops make the newcomer feel very inadequate. I also can't stand how nit-picky they make quilting out to be... 12 stitches per inch and hide your threads and all that crap. I'm a sloppy quilter, but I have never heard anyone complain about the gift I gave them. And I even made some money selling tote bags at a local gallery. And I don't for a second believe there is only one way to quilt -- ie, the 'right' way. I believe it's an art and a craft and it's often the journey, not the destination, as they say.

Let me know if anyone local wants to take the class... it might wind up being a weekly thing, I have no idea. Or a series of workshops. I just know that I'm on fire for it, so I'm super excited!

Grateful for:
-- mileage cheque in the mail
-- tons of good finds at my new Wegman's!
-- leisurey but hot hike today at Rock Point Provincial Park
-- serious long weekend



"The Matter Is Withdrawn"



Today was my court date. Six months and one day ago I was T-boned at an intersection and five days later, the cop brought 'round a TICKET. For ME. For apparently running a red light. I was mortified. Devastated. It was actually my sister's birthday (February 23rd) and that was the worst day of my life. I have never been that upset about anything in my life. It was bad enough losing my car, getting injured and all the trauma that is associated with a collision, but to be charged??? That was to be kicked when you are down.

Anyhow, mom came with me today to court. My case was to be heard at 10:30, and we got there a bit early and listened in to the last case of the previous session. The judge was majorly admonishing the accused and he had a translator there, repeating everything the judge said in his language. She told him he could have killed someone and he ought to be ashamed of himself. Yikes!

And all the cases that preceded mine in my session were ALL guilty pleas. It was kind of weird. And EVERYONE there had either an arm in a cast, on crutches, or otherwise bandaged up. It was kind of funny, considering all of our cases were from February.

There was a lengthy recess in between sessions, though, and I got to chat with the prosecutor, who was very nice to me. I got to actually see the witness statements. My case (and believe it or not, I had prepared a good one, including maps and pictures of the intersection, as well as a real-time video of the timed lights along that stretch) was based on the fact that I was told the witnesses were at the high school, which was located BEHIND the streetlights. There is no way they could have seen which one was red.

Only one witness statement even mentioned location, but he did say he was at the school. So I was relieved to see that.

But the statements were inconsistent, and it was rattling to finally see them and see that I had been charged on these trumped up charges based on kids saying they couldn't actually tell who ran the red.

It never even came into question though. When they finally called me to the front, I went up with my laptop and my notes and pictures. They paged the three witnesses, and gave it about 30 seconds. No one walked into the courtroom. With no time to waste, the judge said, "The witnesses are not here. The matter is withdrawn".

I kind of stood there stunned. I said, "That's it?" I had been told to call her "Your Worship" but I was too stunned. She said yes. Mom and I ran out of the courtroom so fast it was hilarious.

I was shaking for probably a good half hour after that. I am so glad it's over. You can read my blog entries from last February. That was a very miserable time in my life. Thank god it's over.

I came home and blanched all my ripe tomatoes and made... HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE. I just ate two big bowls of pasta and it was delicious beyond words. I am so happy today turned out the way it did!!!

Grateful for:
-- case being chucked
-- mommy's support
-- mom and I giggling over swapping clothes and acting like girls
-- mom enjoying the ribs I got her last night. PLUS the ice cream! I love my new freezer!
-- yummy home made sauce, it's like a pot of heaven.



I am trapped in my sewing room! LOL

This is the room where I put the air conditioner this year -- the windows in the front room open vertically so the AC wouldn't fit there, and the bedroom is sufficiently cool at night (even hot days have cool nights out here), and I wanted night breezes. So the sewing room it was. The door to the sewing room opens into the kitchen area, so on stupid hot days, at least the sewing room and the kitchen are bearable. The bedroom seemingly always remains mostly tolerable, but the front room is deadly. I stupidly spent most of yesterday in the front room, and also stupidly, had the hot laptop on my belly whilst I chatted with Paloma and Darcy for most of the day. Today I could take no more.

I put out the camping De-Luxe Therma-Rest mat and brought a bunch of pillows in here (the sewing room). I've been in here all day. There is hardly ANY room at all, as it's kind of turned into the dumping ground for boxes and stuff, but I don't care. The AC is sometimes on the fritz, but it's mostly cool, so that's good enough for me.

I just got back from Sobey's. I was "gettin' reprieve from the heat in the frozen food section' as the Hip would say. Sobey's is the *expensive* grocery store, but I was on the hunt for a brand of cat food Doris had recommended, plus I just wanted to get out of the house. It turns out they are not a President's Choice carrier, but rather the store brand "Compliments". Anyhow, I was in the cat food aisle, and I saw something very strange. Meow Mix canned food (which are in yellow plastic tubs with peelable foil lids) come in boxes of 12. The box usually sells for usually $6.79. There was a sale sticker on the rail that read "5/$3". As in five for three dollars. Five boxes of 12 cans of cat food for $3. Then it said "or 69¢ each". In small print it said "Save $30.95 on five". There were six boxes there. I thought it was a typo. For sure it was a typo. I grabbed all six boxes, though, and asked the cashier WTF. She had to call the store manager over, and the lady was howling, and said, yeah, probably a typo, however she had to give it to me at the posted price.

So I scored 72 cans of cat food for about $3.69. AND they said it was 50 store points per box, and I had to get a store card, because that is a massive amount of points. We were all howling. Deal of the day. Deal of the week!!!

I also bought a bunch of frozen things, including... two big bricks of ice cream! Why, you ask? Because I now have room to store it! Yesterday morning I went yard saling in Welland bright and early. Early enough to get some SERIOUS deals. I know you have to basically be there by 9 AM to get the good stuff. And I scored a DEEP FREEZER (chest freezer), but apartment sized, for $30. It was practically brand new. A guy helped me put it in the car, but my neighbours are out of town, so I had to haul it into the house by myself. I'm my mother's daughter, what can I say. I inherited the "lugging large objects gene".

Speaking of which, I *also* scored an 8-drawer bedroom dresser for $20 and both that and the freezer magically fit in my hatchback which is a minor miracle. God bless the nice guy who helped me figure out the best formation to make them fit! In my Honda Fit! LOL

And I picked up farm fresh peaches on the way home. I LOVE LIVING IN FARM COUNTRY!!!

Anyhow, yeah. Deep freezer full of ice cream and peaches waiting to be eaten. YUM YUM!!

Today I waded into my weed infested garden, and shockingly found MANY tomatoes, ripe for the pickin'!! OMG! I had pretty much given that garden up to the ghost of gardens past. But no. Weeds and all, she's producing!!!

Tomatos from my garden

Grateful for:
-- that most delicious Roma tomato
-- that smokin' deal on cat food
-- kitties melting from the heat joining me in the cool room
-- great yard sale finds
-- extra long weekend coming up (plus my court case, but we won't talk about that just yet)


Cash Crop factory farming....

Up until very recently, I did not know what 'cash crops' even were. It turns out, you can grow shitloads of inedible genetically modified/mutated products (such as soy or corn), not as FOOD, but rather for cash! The purchasers of these crops use them for things like cattle feed, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup, the world's most prevalent sweetener), or ethanol (gas).

I just moved into a farmhouse, but little did I know the land around my house is a factory farm, rented to Harold, two doors down. This week, he put up a big sign advertising the genetically mutated seeds he used:


(yes, that's my house in the back, don't laugh at my ghetto HDTV antenna on a broomstick affixed to the front of the house. I get over 20 HD channels!)


I recently watched an amazing documentary about factory farmed corn, and it's WELL worth watching. It's called "King Corn" and it really explains so much. You can watch it online, streaming video, by clicking here. It's so powerful.

Anytime you pass a farm with one of these types of signs out front, know that the farmer used industrial grade weed killer on the land, then planted a matching crop -- a genetically modified crop, resistant to the weed killer he just sprayed.

BTW, all this endocrine disrupting shit then runs off into the water table, and we wonder why there are only intersex fish in the Chesapeake Bay region.

I just made a little YouTube video pretty much repeating what I just said here. Feel free to check it out.

Grateful for:
-- air conditioning
-- a great massage
-- getting my new tires retorqued at Crappy tire.
-- my awesome new Muu Muu from my BFF Paloma
-- Doris' adorable kitties whom I'm catsitting


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